As we age, our skin develops wrinkles and loses its tightness. For many, aging gracefully involves making small changes that halt and reverses these changes. The team of highly trained physicians at Mile High Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine in Denver offers their patients Botox® and fillers treatments, helping them retain the flawless skin that they desire. Call or book online today to schedule your first appointment at one of their two convenient locations to learn more.

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Botox is a time tested way of reducing the appearance of unwanted wrinkles. Botox is an injection delivered to a targeted area which serves to paralyze the muscles in that area, causing them to relax and thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles as well as the formation of new wrinkles.

With Botox, you can diminish wrinkles in the following areas.

  • Forehead
  • Around the eyes (crow’s feet)
  • Around the mouth (frown lines)
  • Between the brows
  • Neck lines

Botox injection treatments take only a short time and usually only produce mild discomfort. The full effect of the treatment usually takes three to seven days to notice, and treatments often last roughly three to four months, making follow-up treatments necessary.

Temporary bruising and other side effects are possible, making it important to consult with prior and to receive treatment from a knowledgeable medical professional such as those at Mile High Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine.

What are fillers?

Dermal fillers are similar to Botox in that they are an injectable treatment option which helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. However, instead of paralyzing the muscles of your face, injectable fillers fill the wrinkle creases in your face, causing the wrinkle to disappear and your skin to appear tighter and more full.

In addition to their anti-wrinkle capabilities, fillers are also often used to increase the fullness of the:

  • Cheeks
  • Lips
  • Hands
  • Jawlines

Side effects can occur from fillers, including bumps under the skin, discoloration, and allergic reaction, making it important to consult the experienced medical professionals at Mile High Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine before treatment.

What can I expect at a Botox and fillers appointment?

The team of experienced doctors at Mile High Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine first conduct a thorough physical examination, including taking your medical history. You will have the opportunity to discuss your goals and desires, as well as ask any questions that you may have regarding Botox and fillers treatment options.

If you and your doctor decide that Botox, fillers, or both are right for you, the precise areas for injection are mapped out before the injections are made, helping to ensure the best results. A thorough and individualized collaborative plan of treatment is developed in order to achieve the results that you want.

What is therapeutic Botox?

Botox can provide cosmetic improvements, like a reduction in facial wrinkles, but it can also help ease the pain associated with headaches and migraines. The Mile High Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine Team also offers therapeutic Botox as an effective treatment for chronic migraine headaches. Therapeutic Botox weakens or paralyzes the muscles that are responsible for headache pain. Your provider injects Botox into the muscles of your neck and forehead to relieve pain and other migraine symptoms.

To learn more about how you can get younger, wrinkle-free skin with Botox and fillers, call Mile High Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine to schedule your first appointment.